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The Greaseless Fryer Express Is the only High Speed Hot Air, No Oil food serving system that overcomes the nightmare all other oil-free fryers are haunted with! All other Greaseless fryers can only prepare one Menu item of a customer order at a time, taking as much as twenty five minutes for just four orders, forcing customers to wait and wait will remind them to never come back!

The Greaseless Fryer Express is so amazing it can prepare single Menu items, single orders, multiple items or multiple orders all at the same time! Operators can serve one person or serve a whole crowd fast, simple, fresh and easy! All without the long waiting times that lose customers. Enjoy the amazing ability to cook up to four separate customer orders, all with different cooking times simultaneously by just opening the door at any time and adding a new order or removing a fully cooked order ready to serve! This system is extremely customer friendly advanced over any equipment being sold anywhere!


Exclusive Patented Impingement Technology Offers Highest Production Output Since 1980
 Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Call Our National Authorized Distributor All American Sales At 1-877-548-2943 Or Call Sales Promotion Div.1-877-208-6663 LEASE THEN OWN IS AVAILABLE SO ACT NOW! More than five thousand five hundred of these Model GFE (Greaseless Fryer Express) Systems are making profits for GFE owners! This original Greaseless Fryer System has been outselling all others for many years! It is presently proudly located Worldwide in places like Bars, Billiard Halls, Coffee Shops, Delis, Ice Cream Stores, C-Stores, Sandwich Shops, Country Clubs, Hot Dog Sellers, Zoos, Little Leagues, Ski Lodges, Convenience Stores, Bowling and Skating facilities, Flea Markets, Civic Centers, Malls, Bistros, Wine Cellers, Pizza Parlors, Amusement Parks, Health Clubs, Video Stores, Comedy Clubs, Fried Chicken Stores And More And More. For information on S&H pricing and availability please fill out the form below or just call Toll Free For Leasing information please add a note in the comments area!

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